Gage Green Cherry Puff X Grape StomperOG Day 30

Gage Green Cherry Puff X Grape StomperOG Day 30,18over MMMP patient and caregiver in ful compliance. THx TSG and Gage Green for letting me grow this strain out. ot sayng for sure but i am predicting purple..

I LOVE Weed Episode 20.Album of the Week Bad Brains Rock For Light. The Strain Review Cheeseberry grown by DStern LiveLottery Gage Green Group Cherry Puff x Grape Stomper..

Grape Stomper Strain Review -CRTV.The Grape Stomper is a super frosty, fresh and uplifting take of the Grapes! The buds are so frosted over they nearly blind the eye, under the surface tight..

Organic Outdoor Gage Green Group Grape Stomper BX2.This is a clone given to me by Subbie of Gage Green Grape Stomper BX2 pheno 5. This plant wreaks of grape soda, grape jolly ranchers, and anything else..

Gage Green Pheno Hunt.Just a update in the new pheno tent. Grape Stomper OG, Tahoe Cure and Grape Puff! Everything is looking nice and frosty, one of the Grape Stomper OGs..

Gage Green Genetics TSG.Grape stomper OG X Cherry puff Tester only at thesocialgrow 18 over MMMP patient and caregiver in full compliance..

Gage Green Genetics Update

Gage Green Genetics Update,18 over MMMP patient and caregiver in full compliance. This is a test grow for thesocialgrow and gage green Genetics. Plants are doing very good nice and..

Gage Green Genetics- Monarch [New York OG X Chem Sour Diesel] Bastard Series Grow Update Day 36.Soon we should see sex and they will go into flower then things get real exciting. I hope there a killer OG and Sour Diesel pheno. I love both. Not in a hurry to..

Grow Update..

Gage Green Monarch @ 57 Days..So here is the Monarch from gage green genetics whick is New York OG X ChemSourDiesel. I have mastered my flushing technique and the colors , taste, smell,..

Gage Green Genetics Test 1 Day 100 From Seed 65 Flower.bigdangreenthumbgmail..

Quick Pre Harvest Video.Just wanted to show the Grape Puff 5 and Marion Berry Kush 1 before I harvest them! Thanks for watching!.

Gage Green Commited Suicide! Snapped In Half From The Weight It Was Packing On..

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