WallYe Wine Robot Takes Bow In Burgundy

WallYe Wine Robot Takes Bow In Burgundy,Subscribe to the AFP channel subscribeafp A French inventor has developed WallYe, a prototype robot that helps with mapping and pruning vines..

Vineyard Robot Will Prune Like A Pro.Oct. 22 A French engineer is offering winegrowers an efficient way to prune their vines without breaking their back a robot designed to do it for them..

Robotic Pruning Demonstration In Lodi Vineyard.This tutorial was made by the Lodi Winegrape Commission to at a field demonstration of Vision Robotics robotic pruner..

Amazing Pruning Robot.We have been perfecting this machine for the last several years. We are interested in finding out if there is a market for this machine. If you are interested in..

Mechanical Component Of Agricultural Robot Designed In DODICH Project -.The pilot action supports the farm in appointing a technician able to design the mechanical part of a robot that will, with appropriate equipments, facilitate..

Robot Welding Table Grape Trellis.An example of robotic welding for mass production of vine trellis for the horticultural industry..

Autonomous Vineyard Spraying Robot

Autonomous Vineyard Spraying Robot,With the aim to facilitate workers during harvesting and cultivating and to carry bins full of bunches of grapes up to the end of the rows, a versatile multifunction..

More Footage Of Mechanical Grapevine Pruning..

Mechanical Summer Vine Trimming - Biodynamic Regent Red Grape Vines.Vine Canes Mechanical Summer Trimming The wet summer of 2012 meant Sedlescombe biodynamic vines had exceptionally long cane growth. Unfortunately..

Grape Pruning.Gassan Almasri grape expert in training course in Lebanon..

The Future Of Winemaking Is In High-Tech Robotics.Oct. 9 Bloomberg Adios Lucille Ball! Your wine is now crushed by robots. Winemaker Hall Vineyard is utilizing optic technology to replace hand sorting..

SAVSAR - Semi-Autonomous Vineyard Spraying Agricultural Robot. SAVSAR ..

Barrel Pruning In The Vineyard.Tom Robinson visits Four Winds Vineyard with his Pellenc Barrel pruner another one of the amazing machines that we use in the vineyard. You can see how it..


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