Night Harvest Of Chardonnay Grapes In The Napa Valley

Night Harvest Of Chardonnay Grapes In The Napa Valley,Httpmjnvs Michael J. Neal Viticultural Services..

2013 Napa Valley Grape Growing Season.How is the season shaping up in the Napa Valley Its still very early and there are many factors, fingers crossed its as good as 2012!.

Preparing For Napa Valley Grape Harvest.Mid August is the time to make sure everything is ready for Harvest which could come at any time. You may start to see grape bins show up around the vineyards..

Napa Valley Grape Harvest 2012.The Napa Valley grape harvest for 2012 kicked off last week! Nancy Hawks Miller gives us the rundown..

Napa Grape Harvest Starts Despite Some Quake Damage.Near the height of annual harvesting and tourist season, Californias Napa Valley wineries were struck hard by Sundays magnitude6.0 earthquake. But most..

SAD Day If You Prefer The DARKER Version Of NAPA VALLEY Grape Seed Oil..

Sorting Grapes In Napa Valley During Harvest

Sorting Grapes In Napa Valley During Harvest,Sorting grapes at the Napa Valley Reserve in October during harvest season. We all had just picked these grapes, so they were in the field only 30 minutes..

Harvest Napa Valley 2012...This Season Has Been Just Perfect.Chardonnay is pretty much off the vine, Merlot is coming in and last weeks heat spike has gotten Cabernet Sauvignon to a very happy place on the valley floor..

Vine To Vino For Napa Valley Grapes.Its still summer in Californias Napa Valley but harvest has already begun for their renowned sparkling wines. Grapes used for sparkling wines are harvested..

Split Canopy Trellis Style For Red Wine Grapes In The Napa Valley.Httpmjnvs Michael J. Neal Viticultural Services..

Sorting Grapes During Harvest In Napa Valley.Watching freshly picked and destemmed grapes roll by on the conveyor belt, with a crew looking to remove stems from the grapes..

2013 Napa Grape Harvest Begins.The 2013 Napa grape harvest begins with vineyard workers at Mumm Napa Valley picking pinot noir grapes for sparkling wine..

2012 Grape Harvest Continues.Napa Valley wine expert Nancy Hawks Miller examines harvesting grapes by hand vs. machine..

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